Marketing and Sales – the principal axis of our activity.

Marketing and sales are the principal axis of our activity.

Two decades of experience in marketing have ensured the status of an expert in consumer goods market to VILANDRA. Using a complex of marketing and sales measures and elements, our experts know how to introduce brands into the market and successfully grow their sales volume by imparting them with exclusive value from the customers' perspective.

We offer the following services to our partners:

  • market overview, research and analysis;
  • developing a plan for introducing products into the market as well as a growth strategy;
  • establishing the range of products;
  • establishing the pricing of products;
  • negotiation with the main clients;
  • establishing the goals of distribution and visibility on the shelves as well as category management;
  • organising advertising and sales promotion campaigns;
  • warehouse stock and turnover control, orders, forecasts and reports;
  • constant and close cooperation with the partners with the purpose of achieving product marketing and sales targets to the maximum.

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Consulting and training. A team of experienced medical representatives visits, consults and provides information about products to medical institutions, doctors, pharmacists, and nursing specialists. We also organise relevant and up-to-date training and workshops for them.