Marketing and Sales – the principal axis of our activity.

VILANDRA UAB provides the services in the three Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Our suppliers, the manufacturers of brands, have an excellent opportunity to reach 6.5 million consumers through a single dedicated partner. The activity of VILANDRA and the strategic targets of the partners are coordinated from the headquarters in Vilnius. It allows us to operate promptly as well as to implement and coordinate the PanBaltic marketing strategies, effectively manage the supply chain, develop and perform the monitoring of relations with retail chains and to involve the best specialists of VILANDRA in sales development across all countries.

Our objective is to represent the manufacturer in each country, to ensure the implementation of its targets and to assume the responsibility for the products offered and the whole supply chain down to the end user.

We make effort to ensure that YOUR products reach each store, pharmacy or consumer across the markets. The success stories of most brands represented by us prove that what we do, we do passionately. We are a dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced team of professionals striving for maximum performance.